Our first week of school is almost over and I’ve been in Taiwan for almost two weeks already. The time is really zooming by fast! As usual, here is a list of stuff and observations because I am too lazy to put together a cohesive narrative.

1) Now that we’re all settled in and into a rhythm, the school is great. The teachers are nice and kind and really good sports to deal with my insanely ridiculous children.

All the teachers wear colored smocks and instead of learning their teachers’ names, my kids refer to them as “Blue Teacher” or “Green Teacher.” What happens when they change smocks?

2) Every day is a battle to get my kids to school. Thank God my kids like the bus. Otherwise, I’m not sure how I could force them to go. They are patients zero for the incredibly infectious “I don’t want to go to school” disease. Their first casualties are my friend, Fleur’s daughters, Bebe and Omi.

3) Today, Cookie Monster went quietly and almost happily because he knew it was the last day (for the week – Monday will be sad for him) and that he would get a bar and snack. I broke down and said the teachers could give them snacks I sent with them if they don’t eat lunch. Whatever it takes to get the kids to school.

Gamera refused to walk down the street the school was on and cried and cried. I basically had to tell her a story of Gamera and Fluffy the Bunny and Jesus going to school with her and giving her help and superpowers to calm her down. She stopped crying in the lobby but started up again in class. Gamera claims school is scary – especially the stairs leading to her classroom.

Omi was crying all morning and then stopped. But any time some kid cried it would remind her and she would cry more and say she didn’t want to go to school. 🙁 She and Bebe were doing fine about school until my kids infected hers with their intense hatred of being hungry and away from me.

Omi won’t say why she doesn’t want to go but most likely it is because Gamera doesn’t and Omi isn’t stupid. If other kids are crying, she knows something MUST be bad about school right?

4) So today on the bus, Glow Worm kept touching this lady’s hand. The lady was holding onto a vertical bar and Glow Worm likes to hold onto the bars, too. Turns out, he wasn’t trying to touch the lady. He was trying to remove her hand from HIS bar.

5) Fleur’s husband is leaving back for the States today. I’m gonna miss him. He seriously is such an fantastic guy.

My mom left for Kaohsiung two days ago. She is mailing me a care package of red dragonfruits because she is awesome. She is leaving for the US tomorrow. This also makes me super sad. My mom was not only helpful and useful, she really takes care of me. It’s nice to have a mommy. No wonder my kids want me around all the time.

We are going to be alone. For two weeks. Then Hapa Papa will come for the last week and then we’ll be home. It’s going to fly by.

6) Despite all our difficulties at drop off, my second-most favorite part of the day is coming home, putting Glow Worm down for his nap and eating my sizable breakfast (including the requisite dragon fruit), reading, napping, and doing whatever. But most importantly? All done at a leisurely pace. In Silence.

7) My favorite part of the day is those 30 seconds when Cookie Monster and Gamera come marching out of class. They each have a tentative look/smile on their face as they scan for me. As soon as they see me, their face alights and they run to me with arms wide open and envelop me in a giant hug. It’s lovely.


8) The above two reasons make me reconsider homeschooling. Wouldn’t want to deprive myself of these joys, right? 😉

9) The people here are incredibly polite and helpful. Every time I get on the bus, numerous people stand up and offer the children and I their seats. When waiting at bus stops or at intersections, people have raised and angled their sun-brellas to cast their shade over us. Truly, these small acts of kindness are wonderful.

Alright. Glow Worm just woke up so I’m out. Have a wonderful weekend!