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Title: 屁屁超人 (pi4 pi4 chao ren2)/The Fart Superhero

ISBN: 9789866759116

Author: 林哲璋

Publisher: 親子天下

Level: Beginning Reader, Zhuyin, Fiction, Chapter book

Summary: Book 2 of the Reading123 Set.

Three short stories/chapters of the Fart Superhero. A little boy goes to a superhero school and his super power is farting so much that it makes him fly. The first story tells of a mean superintendent and their eventual duel. The second tells of a new kid who has a unique power of his own. And the third chapter tells us what happens when the two boys are shot with a “Swearing Arrow.”

Sample Pages:

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

5 Minute Book Review: I am so happy for this book because honestly, I was a little worried that Cookie Monster (~8) was going to throw in the towel on longer chapter books before he even really started. We had tried Book 1 in the Reading123 set but it had too many terms he didn’t understand. (It was about dragons and knights.)

This book, however, is set in modern times and in a school – so all things Cookie Monster is familiar with. Plus, the kid’s superpower comes from his farts. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE?

Cookie Monster laughed out loud several times. He thought it was just ridiculous and hilarious. I made him read out loud to me because he was very intimidated by the chapter book and he felt safer and more comfortable reading out loud to me versus reading silently to himself.

I had him tackle a chapter a day (so it took three days) to build up his confidence and I’m sure after a few more times breaking down the books this way, he will be reading these by himself in no time.

We just may skip to Book 14 for the sequel to this book.

Highly recommend.

Here’s a video of him doing a cold reading of an excerpt from the book.

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