To quote Gamera, “My doze [nose] not working.” Allergies and a bad cold have laid waste to my poor sinuses and I have a bad headache, can’t breathe, and my entire body aches. Thank goodness Hapa Papa has been around to let me take naps during the day and take care of the kids. He is awesome. I am incredibly fortunate.

I don’t have much to say today except a few scattered thoughts. So, here they are, in no particular order:

1) Listening to Cookie Monster and Gamera play by themselves is one of the sweetest things. Whether together or apart, their little stories are hilarious and lovely.

2) Glow Worm understands a lot of what I say to him. In particular, if I tell him it’s time for bed (even when it’s not), and he’s being held by my mother, he will wriggle away from me and cling closer to my mother. No matter which direction I approach him from, he goes the opposite way.

3) I can’t believe it took me 4.5 years to figure out that I can turn off the A/C and just open the windows.

4) Newborns are the best. So soft and fuzzy and snuggly and snarfly and sweet and delicious and I really need to have another one already.

5) My head feels like it weighs at least a ton. Also, I can barely open my eyes.

6) I am so hungry and want salty bad things but I am also too tired and lazy to get it.

7) Cookie Monster constantly sings Chinese nursery songs now. So adorable. I often have no idea what he is singing.

8) This weekend is blessedly full of nothing followed by more nothing. I will probably mess it up and clutter it with things to do. But for now, it seems glorious.

Alright, faithful readers. My brain is mush and my body is a sad, aching bag of water. Have a great weekend!