It’s been awhile since I’ve had a random post of my meandering thoughts. And while I usually have these posts because my brain has stalled and I can’t think of anything to say but still want to blog because writing is a habit and if I fall off the wagon, who knows when I will be back on it?

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind and half-formed posts all over the place. But I thought it would be nice to just have a breather with something a little silly and another glimpse into the random flotsam floating around in my overactive brain.

So, without further ado, here then are a sampling of my thoughts over the past few weeks and months:

1) Even though I prefer cold weather to hot weather, one thing I don’t enjoy is the wearing of socks. Mostly, because my socks are trying to kill me. I can’t tell you how many times I have now slipped and fallen down the stairs. Seriously, my socks need grippies like they do for little kids.

Incidentally, I can never have the right balance between foot temperature and foot comfort. Either that or I need to invest in some better socks. Either the socks are too hot or too thick for my shoes, or too thin and too cold for tile flooring.

Also, I am never comfortable while sleeping because I’m alternately too cold or too hot. And my PJs feel all bunchy and too constricting even though they fit fine. They just move around too much. And I also feel smothered.

Come to think of it, my neck also starts to feel too heavy due to the requirement of scarves because otherwise, I’m too cold. But then, I get too hot and my neck hurts. And things feel like they’re weighing me down. And my hands get cold when I type. Or read. Or my nose gets cold when I go to bed.

Or I could turn up my thermostat, but I’m still a cheapass.

Hmmm… it seems as a matter of practice, I’m not really that into cold weather much more than hot weather. Ok, fine. I like temperate weather. 75 is a good place on the thermostat. Not too hot. Not too cold.

OMG, people. I’ve become an old, crotchety lady. GET OFF MY LAWN, WINTER.

2) Cookie Monster wore a new to us white long sleeve shirt ONCE last week and now, it is permanently stained. Seriously? The shirt managed to survive some lady’s two boys and remain supernaturally white and couldn’t manage ONE day with Cookie Monster? (Or, apparently, my subpar laundering skills.)

My only comfort is that it’s kind of like denting your new car. Once that’s done, you stop freaking out about keeping the car pristine and finally own the car versus the car owning you.

No? Just me? Fine. I can accept that.

3) I’m signing up the kids for a bjillion classes next semester through our parks and recs. Mostly because Hapa Papa wants Cookie Monster to learn “normal” sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, and football. (I have put my foot down on that one and said, “No.”) According to Hapa Papa, kungfu and swimming aren’t “real” sports.


But since Hapa Papa rarely asks for something, I thought I’d throw him a bone or two. After all, Cookie Monster doesn’t go to school and can’t pick up these skills from the playground. Plus, he’s the type of kid who doesn’t like to try new things if he feels stupid or like he’s the only one who doesn’t know what to do. (Totally understandable.)

And now that he’s almost six, he’s approaching that age where teams are no longer formed based on who wants to play and more so on who has the talent to play. (Which are not always mutually exclusive, but are certainly divergent often enough.) So really, it’s our last shot to get him into some sports classes where a decent portion of kids have no idea what they’re doing so that Cookie Monster feels comfortable enough to try a new thing.

The good thing is that ever since Cookie Monster has gotten through his experience with kungfu, he now has a recent memory of being a complete novice at something, but through hard work and practice, earning a white belt (of which he is rightly super proud of). So when we started basketball class a few weeks ago, he was initially concerned but relaxed a bit once he realized that the entire point of taking a class was because he didn’t already know something. Otherwise, why would he need a class?

I’ve also signed him up for a Spring Break Camp that will teach him dodgeball, kickball, and capture the flag. It seems weird to me that these things I used to learn during PE at elementary school are now Spring Break Camp classes taught by a professional sports academy. Whatever. Works out for me.

And since Cookie Monster gets to take so many extra classes, how could we leave Gamera out? I’ve signed her up for a Pre-Ballet class since she’s been begging me to take a ballet class since the summer. We’ll see how she likes it.

4) Glow Worm is finally talking more consistently. I also finally figured out what he’s been yelling every time he wants something and we take it away. He’s saying, “給 (give)!” I think he’s been saying this for months and I only just figured it out. He used to say, “要要 (want want)” all the time but I guess that was too passive for him. Now he gives orders.

5) One of the main reasons I opt out of using NextDoor is because all the hidden racists out themselves constantly. Then, I have to actually *know* my neighbors are racist rather than just suspect it.

People leave comments/posts under Crime and Safety like: “A non-Caucasian male is walking a dog in the neighborhood wearing a T-Shirt and jeans talking on a cel-phone. We saw him again this week.”

I’m not on NextDoor, but my friends who are tell me about it. Of course people chime in with “WTF” comments but plenty come in to defend and justify the post, too. It makes me angry and sad that I live in such an asshole/racist/entitled area where white people (and the fair share of Asians, too) chime in and say stupid racist shit such as this.

How can a man not walk his own fucking dog in his own fucking neighborhood if he isn’t white or Asian or some other “safe” looking hue?

Fuck these people. Fuck all these people.

6) Due to my T4 (a boba and Taiwanese eats chain) habit, I am really starting to like K-Pop and Taiwanese Pop. I have no idea what they’re singing about, but it’s just so damn catchy. I find myself bopping along while waiting for my food and drinks (they know me on sight and by order when I call it in) or when I’m writing and treating T4 like my Asian Starbucks.

In fact, guess what I’m doing right now?

7) I impulse bought a $399 juicer at Costco the other day. It’s only one part and requires very little cleaning. I had originally bought it because Gamera hates smoothies from the Vitamix because it’s too thick (even when I water it down). She doesn’t mind them as popsicles, but it’s cold now, so I don’t know how game she’ll be for them. She’s not a real fan of fruit so I was hoping she’d like the juice from the juicer. She does. But of courseGlow Worm and Cookie Monster HATE it. WTF, kids? They normally LOVE juice – but not from a fucking juicer.

They do it to spite me. Fucking assholes, my kids.

On the plus side, Hapa Papa wasn’t particularly happy about my impulse buy and is now pleased that I will be returning it as soon as I am willing to brave Costco’s return line. Good thing their return policy on electronics is lifetime. Sigh.

8) Every year, our heater filter craps out and we have to replace it. So, I bought a bunch ahead of time to be prepared. Come to find out, they’re the wrong size. (Womp womp.) So, because it’s fucking cold, I vacuumed the filter. I think I bought myself at least a week.

9) There are a few too many “fucks” in this post. Which I normally don’t condone because I consider it lazy writing and editing. But sometimes, when I am away from my children, all the “fucks” I’ve been bottling up come bursting through and I can’t even say, “Hello” without inserting a “fuck” or two.

This is possibly why my children know that “shit” and “fuck” are words they’re not allowed to say until they’re bigger (but Gamera still tries to sneak them in).

Ok. That’s about all I can think of to write for now. What’s floating around in your brain?