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Brainwashing My Kids

“Papa, you look like a girl,” laughed Cookie Monster. “Why?” replied Hapa Papa. “Is it because I have Sasquatch in an Ergo*?” “Yeah!” I had to interject....

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Where’s My “Women’s Work” Medal?

There should be a special kind of swagger after you complete a shit ton of housework. Or a badge of honor. Whatever it is, it should be obvious, huge, and awesome. After all, I just spent two entire days doing several loads of...

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Being Invisible

“So, what do you ladies do?” The hairy, overly tanned middle-aged white man asked. My friend, Laney, and I had been busy chatting in the hot tub on our last day together when Bob*, with the self-importance only a...

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Policing Our Daughters’ Bodies

Content Warnings: mentions of rape, sexual assault, and incest. I remember we were in our church’s bathroom, talking about our week. My friend casually mentioned how she had snuck out of her house to meet a boy at the park...

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Beauty Before Pain and Other Lies

The other day, several of my friends and I were lamenting about our mothers (and to be fair, our fathers and society has certainly contributed to the conversation) and the fucked up things they say to our daughters about beauty...

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Wait, How Is This My Life?

When I was free and unencumbered with children, I would read articles by SAHMs about how they would have to do laundry every single day. I couldn’t fathom it. I only did laundry when I ran out of socks or underwear (my two...

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Wavering Between Choice and Life

Trigger Warning: Abortion, rape, incest Comment Warning: My comment policy will be vigorously enforced. Any comment (on FB or otherwise) that smells even remotely of shaming, name-calling, abuse, general asshattery, (on either...

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