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Brazn Azn Ep 04: RepresentAsian

Episode four of the Brazn Azn podcast, titled ‘RepresentAsian,’ delves deep into the nuanced and multifaceted issue of representation in media and society. Co-hosts Stella and Virginia share their personal experiences and insights, exploring the layers of representation from invisibility and tokenism to complex and nuanced portrayals of Asian Americans. The episode critically examines the shortcomings of current representation practices, including the over-simplification and stereotyping of Asian American identities.

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Brazn Azn Ep 03: The Brazen Desire to Be Perceived

In Episode 3 of the Brazn Azn Podcast, co-hosts Stella and Virginia explore the complexities of being perceived. They delve into their personal experiences with visibility, discussing the pressures of societal expectations, the fear of judgment, and the dichotomy of wanting to be seen versus the vulnerability that comes with it. Both hosts share insights into their identities—highlighting aspects of race, gender, and neurodivergence—and how these play into their desires to be perceived. The conversation also touches on the importance of representation and the power of visibility to empower others within the Asian and broader marginalized communities.

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Brazn Azn Ep 02: Full-Body Cringe and the Brazenness of Self-Promo

In this episode, the Brazn Azn podcast delves into the complexities of self-promotion, identity struggles, and creative aspirations. Virginia shares her journey promoting her novel “Illusive,” which is set in the K-pop industry. The conversation touches on themes of trauma, recovery, representation, and the challenges of art promotion within and beyond one’s community. Additionally, internal conflicts of pursuing writing over traditional family activities are explored, emphasizing the desire to inspire others.

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Brazn Azn Ep 01: What Is a Brazen Asian?

In this podcast pilot episode, hosts Virginia and Stella explore the concept of being “brazen Asians” while discussing their personal experiences, challenges with representation, and hopes for their podcast. With a mix of humor and introspection, the conversation delves into issues of identity, social justice, and the complexities of Asian American experiences.

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