This year, I did not write too much about Chinese learning. Mostly, because I published my book, So You Want Your Kid to Learn Chinese (affiliate link), and I got a little burned out on writing about Chinese. Plus, I felt as if I had said all I had to say on the subject.

However, I did have a few popular pieces (one of which wasn’t even written by me!) and in case you missed them, I have compiled some of my more popular articles for your convenience.

You’re welcome.

1) Chineasy Tiles: 5 Minute Review – There are so few Chinese games geared towards non-native children that it’s refreshing to find a game that is well-made, fun, and educational. This review gives an in-depth look at this popular Chinese game.

2) Final Money Tally for Taiwan Trip 2017 – Since I emphasize taking kids back to Taiwan or China to immerse them in Chinese and surround them with native speakers, it’s useful to know how much a trip like that would cost. Here, I detail the money in all its nitty gritty glory.

3) Hiring an Au Pair for Chinese Fluency – One of the top tips for helping our kids learn Chinese is to hire an au pair. Since I’ve never hired one, Hapalicious writes a guest post on her experiences and imparts her excellent advice.

4) Chinese Progress: 9 Months After Taiwan – Again, because so many of us recommend taking kids back to Taiwan or China for Chinese immersion, it’s useful to know how long the effects last. I talk about my kids and how the Taiwan Trip 2017 affected their Chinese fluency.

5) Taiwan Trip 2017 Post Mortem – This post captures some of my random thoughts about our trip and they may be useful to those of you who are thinking of bringing multiple children.

6) I Didn’t Believe My Own Advice – Even though I wrote a book on teaching kids Chinese, I still suffered from Impostor Syndrome. I worried that my children would never start reading Chinese until (spoiler alert!) it finally happened.

7) The Real Point of Learning ChineseOne of the hardest thing about parenting is resisting the urge to compare your children with other people’s children. Learning Chinese is no exception and I constantly have to remind myself that learning Chinese is not a competition.

8) How a Chinese Boy Band Improved My Kids’ Chinese – Despite my initial skepticism regarding Chinese boy bands, I am now a believer. Who knew that a boy band would be the gateway drug to all things Chinese?

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