Greetings from the other side of the world! As expected, it is hot hot hot and humid. But hey, that’s what hiding inside is for.

Thank God for my mother because it would have been super difficult on the plane ride without her. My kids decided that despite the flight taking off at 1:40am, sleep wasn’t necessary. They barely slept a broken 5-6 hours (yes, including the baby) and I was cranky and exhausted by the end of the flight. Since we arrived in the morning, we tried valiantly to keep the kids up until evening.

Glow Worm tapped out for the day around 4:30pm. Gamera and Cookie Monster were next at 5:00 and 5:30pm. I finally caught some sleep at 6pm. Welp, Glow Worm was up at 1am, Gamera at 2am, and Cookie Monster at 3am. The younger two fell back asleep but Cookie Monster is seriously a monster and did not go back to sleep until he fell asleep at dinner around 7pm. He curled up on two chairs and was out for the night.

Gamera barely woke up for dinner. Cried the whole time and fell asleep on me. Glow Worm was in a good mood after a three hour nap and ate and was passed around. After dinner (all in our hotel), Gamera was in the ergo, Cookie Monster was piggybacked by my eldest cousin, and Glow Worm was carried by my aunt.

They are all asleep. I really should join them. I am exhausted.

Everything is fine though. Cookie Monster is starving because he refused to eat lunch and fell asleep before dinner. So you know, it’s a normal day. Gamera is trying some new foods and having a reasonable good time. Glow Worm is a saint and eats almost everything and is just glad I am remembering to feed him.

We have mostly just caught brief glimpses of my 91 year old maternal grandfather (he sleeps a lot during the day). We got cellular and wifi phone service (super important). And most importantly, we have been eating.

We are mostly at our hotel because it is connected to so many restaurants and a huge mall so we don’t even have to go outside in a million degree weather. Cookie Monster particularly enjoys the escalators. I enjoy buying “educational” toys. (I’ve been here two days and I have already managed to spend $200+ on famous Taiwanese educational math/logic puzzles.) My mom is taking these home for me so I don’t have to. Another reason why mom is so great!

Tomorrow afternoon we will be meeting up with one of Cookie Monster’s preschool teachers as well as one of his old classmates. That should be good for him to see some familiar faces.

Alright. I am about to pass out while thumb-typing. Boring update, I suppose. But then again, we really aren’t doing anything.