It’s only Day 5 of our crazy adventure and already, the lessons and new life experiences are piling on. Here are just a few:

1) Jet lag is no fun. Sleep deprived kids who are also starving because they refuse to eat anything other than white rice in a foreign country is about as awesome as that sounds.

2) I love visiting my family. They love to eat, take us to super fancy places, and hold my kids while I shovel as much awesomeness in my pie hole as quickly as possible. They will even load up my plate.

3) Having family that looks out for you and makes sure you have the right cards, info, etc. is very reassuring.

4) What’s with random steps/different levels all over the place? The wheelchair bound would not be able to navigate in this city. (The sidewalks belong to the business owners so each lot in front of a building is different in materials and height and everything.) Cookie Monster, who admittedly isn’t very good at watching where he is going on a normal basis, wipes out at least a few times a day. As I have mentioned before, he doesn’t learn from mistakes.

5) Every one thinks that just because they sit in a double stroller, Cookie Monster and Gamera are twins. They also count my children OUT LOUD and exclaim at three. As if I didn’t know how many children I had. My mother asks me why I have to be such a jerk about it. I guess she’s right. But it’s still an annoying cultural thing. Thanks, country full of Captains Obvious!

6) I am loving the food. My kids are going to come back malnourished because all they consent to eat is white rice. Cookie Monster is the worst offender. Glow Worm eats everything. He gets vocal real quick if my service isn’t to his satisfaction.

7) The indoor play spaces for children put anything in the US to shame. I think my kids will live here on the weekends.












8) I love Taiwanese malls. So huge and so tall and so many options. Oh, and tons of AC.

9) We have only been here a few days and Cookie Monster’s Chinese has already markedly improved. I can’t wait to see what it will be like after a month of school! Whoo!

Alright. I am running at half speed and having some culture shock of my own. Have a great weekend!