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Ah, friends. This post is self-indulgent and likely won’t be for you if you don’t already stan the seven best humans in the world. (Yes. THE WORLD.) However, if you want to understand the BTS fan in your life (or act as if you’re in-the-know), this is the post for you to fake it ’til you make it. (And if you like this piece, you’ll probably enjoy 100+ Signs You May Be a BTS Stan.) Oh, and a word of warning: it’s literally 100+ things so hold onto your hats, bebes, it’s a long post.

Special thanks to my Thirst Third BTS group chat. You lovely hotties know who you are. I purple you!!!

Without further introduction – because how can you NOT know Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook – I bring you, the 100+ Things That Only BTS Stans Will Know.

How we got into fandom

How many of us said one or more of these to ourselves before we got sucked into the blackhole that is ARMY fandom?

1) I just wanted to know their names.

2) What’s so special about BTS anyway? Let me just watch a music video.

3) Just one more dance practice video.

4) Trying to identify members by hair color.

5) I just wanted to know what the lyrics mean.

6) Who are these hot Asian dudes speaking at the UN?

7) Why is Twitter trending __________?

8) The first Korean act to ___________.

9) Okay. I’ll just watch one reaction video.

10) Wait. Just how much content do they have? *desperately Googles*

iconic lyrics

I realize that the majority of these are SUGA’s lyrics, but that’s not my fault (even if he is my bias). Bonus points if you know the song without clicking the link.

11) I don’t know. Nan molla.

12) I wanna big house, big car, and big rings.

13) Chocolate cheeks, chocolate wings.

14) You’re a tasteless ratatouille.

15) Tongue technology. Bonus: My crime is assault with my tongue. Bonus 2: My flexible tongue movements will send them to Hong Kong with my raps.

16) Welcome. First time with BTS?

17) *whispers* SUGA

18) Bultaoreune!

19) Bogoshipda


21) You look fresh like a salad.

22) Ddaeng (If I could quote the whole song, I would. Especially RM’s stuttering.)

23) Ireumeum Jungkook!

24) Did you see my bag?

25) So show me, I’ll show you.

26) Ayo, ladies and gentlemen!

27) Bang! Tan! So! Nyeon! Dan!

28) I’m the one I should love in this world.

29) She’s my religion, so I can call you she-sus.

30) I want it! (technically, Halsey)

IDk, army things

You know how every group of friends has their sayings and inside jokes? Well, these are ours.

31) Once you Jim-in, you can’t Jim-out.

32) Queen Spring Day

33) BTS paved the way.

34) Karma is an ARMY.

35) Who knew the power of a forehead? (confer: Our hatred of coconut hair.)

36) Bitch, There’s Seven.

37) Bangladeshi Boy Scouts

38) ARMY shares one brain cell.

39) “Min Yoongi, you dangerous man! I will sue Min Yoongi!” MOOD!

40) Alexa: Play Pied Piper.

41) My wallet is crying.

42) We were on a break!

43) I love them a normal amount.

44) Alexa: Play The Rise of Bangtan.

45) I don’t understand but I love it.

46) *Cries in I-ARMY*

47) Zooming in on photos for science.

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48) Secondhand embarrassment over Expensive Girl. “It’s a cover!”

49) I would never read real person fanfics! *reads all the BTS fanfics*

50) We stan OT7.

BTS things

A random assortment of things I associate with BTS and their members. Please don’t @me if you feel as if I favor one member over the other. I’m OT7 and these really are just random as they pop into my head from what I remember.

51) Team Kim Seokjin

52) Team Seokjin Kim (The Korean American team)

53) Jin’s flying kisses.

54) Jimin’s tiny pinkie.

55) Golden Closet Films

56) Kim Yeontan. Min Holly. Rap Monie. Mickey.

57) BT21 OT8

58) Hwagae Market

59) RM constantly losing his passport.

60) VMin soulmates

61) Jin and Suga: eternal roommates

62) Eat Jin

63) Hope on the Street

64) Jin’s dad jokes

65) Old man Yoongi

66) Jimin always losing Run! BTS.

67) RM’s Vlives album behind the scenes

68) Bangtan Universe

69) Puma CFs

70) Suga’s ONE pose in selcas.

71) Members share one account for all socials and only do group endorsements because they are a team first and foremost.

72) So many free songs, remixes, and covers on Soundclound.

73) Support Fairy, Park Jimin.


These are just some of the nicknames or aliases associated with each member.

74) God of Destruction, President Namjoon, Runch Randa

75) Worldwide Handsome, Worldwide Cutie Guy, Car Door Guy, Third Guy from the Left, Fake Maknae, Madnae

76) Minstradamus, Little Meow Meow, Gloss

77) Sunshine, Hobi, Jay, Jay Dope, Smile Hoya

Jay from America

78) Chim Chim, Mochi, Thottius Park

79) Vante, Tae Tae, Honey Bear, Klimt, Renoir

80) Muscle Pig/Bunny, Golden Maknae, Justin Seagull

Iconic sayings

BTS produce so much content that it is simply impossible to collect all of their iconic sayings. I’m 100% sure I missed your favorites. But these are the ones I remembered to include. Again, don’t @me because we’re OT7 in this house. (Yes, yes. I bias Suga, but I love them all!)

81) What a relief that we are seven. – Suga

82) There ain’t no fish inside. – RM

83) I’m Namjooning. – RM

84) You don’t understand the hip hop culture. – Jin

85) Negative sides of the capitalism. – Suga

86) This is when the power of money comes in. – RM

87) Friendship is Irish Bomb! – Suga

88) Jungkook’s English is so cute! WAAAAH! – RM

89) Important businesseu. – J-Hope

90) STOB IT!!! – Jin

91) P-A-S-T-A! P-I-Z-Z-A! – Jin

92) You got no jams! – RM

93) Really, ARMY? – RM

94) I’m so pure. – RM

95) I’m good boy. – V

96) I like countryside! – Jungkook

97) I know her face but I don’t know her name. – Jungkook

98) I purple you. – V

99) Jimin-ssi. – Jungkook

100) You nice. Keep going. – Jimin

101) Pardon? – Jungkook

102) Strong power. Thank you. – RM

103) Lachibolala. – Jimin

104) Ayo Hitman Bang introduces… – Bang Si-Hyuk

105) Do you know BTS? – Jin

106) Do you know BTS? – Suga

107) Mangnangyong – RM

108) Whoa… thighs. – Jungkook

109) …and SPRITE! – J-Hope

110) Panda Express! – V

111) Where is camera? – Jin

112) Hip hop is dead. – Suga

113) Suga: Infires?
Jungkook: Infires, man!

114) Please suspend this person for 3 days. – RM

115) It’s so hot, ARMY, because of you. – Suga

116) God is fair. – Jin

117) Safety first. Safety second. _______ third. – J-Hope, Jungkook

118) Kore. – Jin

119) Not. Not. NO. – V

120) Jjang jjang man boong boong. – Suga

121) Color changing soup. – V

122) We have different clothes. – Jimin

123) I put sticker on my carrier. – J-Hope

124) Brassiere! – J-hope

125) What’s tasty in Busan? – J-Hope

Dear Lordt, that was a lot of things and I’m exhausted. What did I miss? Tell me in the comments. And remember: #stanbts!

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