Aaaaayyyyyyy! I don’t know how to introduce this without a bit of self-conscious fluttering about. But, erm, I wrote a thing. And that thing is not published here because I write for other sites.

If you read a lot of my narrative non-fiction (that’s the fancy term for my writing in general), you’ll note the familiarity of its themes. But that is neither here nor there.

Today, I’m at Progressive Asian American Christians with my first short story (fiction) ever (unless you count my Alias fan fiction). The story is called, This Is Not My Beautiful Life and the prompt is a fictionalized bit about a family story. The family story I chose is my mid-life crisis and I hope you enjoy it (and its metaphors).

Go read and come back and tell me how awesome I was. (I’m a writer. By nature, we are both bombastically convinced of our brilliance and terribly insecure AT THE SAME TIME.)