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Friends, I have reached a wonderful realization. Glow Worm (5) and I hit the halfway point of Sagebooks at the end of Week 14 and it only took us 44 weeks. Granted, we are also doing the Treasure Box series so I guess, if we include those, we have not yet hit the halfway point.


I’m going to choose to ignore this and continue on in blissful ignorance.

Although, now that I think about it, if it took 44 weeks to go through half the series, it’s going to take another approximate 44 weeks to finish. This makes me want to cry. However, the silver lining is that I will be gainfully employed by Sagebooks for hopefully another 44 weeks at least. YAY!

Oooooh… and then Sasquatch (2) might be old enough to consider starting Sagebooks. Except… I don’t know how I feel about starting a 3 year old because quite frankly, that seems too hard. I waited for my kids to be trained in sitting still and learning by their Chinese tutor for a reason.

I digress. Let us proceed with why you’re really reading this (and not to just get a preview of my employment guesstimations).

Where Are We?

We ended Week 12 close to our target at Set 3 Book 2 Lesson 6. My goal was to hit Set 3 Book 3 Lesson 10 by the end of Week 14. You’ll just have to either do math based on my previous mention of hitting the median point of Sagebooks or wait about five seconds and read further along to see if we did.

Hey, I have to create dramatic tension in a post about teaching my kid how to read Chinese. Just let me have this.

Did We Do It?

YES!! Yes, we did!!

I deserve all the praises and medals and fried foods!!! (Fine, fine. Glow Worm gets some credit as well.)

What Happened?

You’ll never guess. We actually read and did lessons consistently! AMAZING!

Ok, I say this mockingly but we all know it’s true. You hear me blather about this on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis, but that’s the only way to get things done. You just have to do it and do it consistently.

I really hate that word but alas, I preach it for a reason.

We didn’t read daily and I often made my older kids do the work for me. But we plodded along and we did it.

What Else?

Sigh. You’re so demanding and needy. I’ve been meaning to mention it.

Nothing, really. I wish I had more exciting things to tell you. Sometimes, I think the main point of these posts is to 1) remind you to do Sagebooks with your kid and 2) remind you that it’s the daily slog that gets results.

Sorry. No pithy insights this time!

You can watch Glow Worm read Set 3 Book 3 Lesson 1 here:

See you next week!