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Now, many of you know that I not only want my kids to be fluent in Mandarin, but I also want them to be literate. (An entirely different endeavor, to be sure!) As someone who is orally fluent, I am pathetic when it comes to...

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Sagebooks Review

Disclosure: Though I am currently working with Sagebooks (they are a major sponsor of my site), I was not affiliated with Sagebooks in any way when I wrote this review. Now, many of you know that I not only want my kids to be...

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My Irrational Fears

Last Sunday, all three kids and I got stuck in an elevator on the empty campus of our local community college. Even though we were stuck for at most a few minutes, I had to seriously refrain from freaking out in front of the...

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About Virginia

Virginia Duan is the Entertainment Editor for Mochi Magazine, the Living Justice Editor for Diverging Magazine and curator for the Influencer Activist Toolkit. You can find her work on various sites like Romper,, Diverging Mag, and Mochi Magazine. She reacts to K-pop on YouTube, hosts the Noona ARMY Podcast, and founded BrAzn AZN, a series for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American creatives. Located in the Bay Area, Calif., she bilingual homeschools her 4 kids in Chinese and English.

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