This post was sponsored by Sagebooks. All opinions are mine and mine alone. 

If you’ve been following along all summer, you’ll know that I’ve finally dragged myself out of our terrible low of doing nothing for weeks (okay, okay, months). All I had to do with force myself to start and then, it got marginally easier as time went by.


A multitude of feelings and desperation contained in that tiny little word.

The funny thing is, looking back, I really can’t explain why it was so difficult. I mean, other than that life itself was difficult. (I guess that’s as good an explanation as any.)

Mostly, I mean that the books all of a sudden became as if they were 100 pounds and required super human strength to not only locate, but to lift and flip pages – let alone read the characters. They might as well have been in some as yet unidentifiable alien language.

But as with many things, once I started, the combined burden of fear, guilt, and shame receded. Each day I chose to go through Sagebooks with Glow Worm, the hot, shifty discomfort in my chest eased a bit.

Where Are We?

We started off Week 3 at Lesson 2.5:9 and I was hoping to finish by the end of Week 4 but I had a feeling that likely was not going to pan out. Mostly because I knew we would have to review a lot since there were still big gaps in Glow Worm’s memory and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure.

Did We Do It?

Nope. But we got pretty close at Lesson 2.5:16.

Given that I’m still puttering along, I’ll take it!

What Happened?

We plugged away 3-4 times a week and though it’s not as consistent as I’d like it, I am satisfied. We re-started reading Sagebooks while at kungfu and when stuck at the allergy doctor for our biweekly oral immunotherapy dose upgrade and tried to review. I kinda blanked this last week so although we went through a lot of lessons in one sitting, we didn’t do it daily so we ended up at 2.5:16.

Glow Worm also started his Chinese classes again in the morning and though that cuts down the possible times for our reading, it has the benefit of jumpstarting his Chinese speaking again so I am pleased. I imagine that once I have fully gotten back into the swing of things, we will be making more impressive progress.

Anything Else?

Not really? I don’t even have pictures because the sheer effort of doing Sagebooks was a little too much for me and the expectation for pics and videos on top of that seemed too hard. But that’s okay. Sometimes, no news is good news.