This post was sponsored by Sagebooks. All opinions are mine and mine alone. I was also provided a review copy of the flashcards.

Because I talk about Sagebooks all the time, people constantly message me or comment asking for where to buy Sagebooks flashcards. Since the cards didn’t exist until now, I had to defer and tell them to email Sagebooks and ask for them.

I confess, I have known about this product for a few months now but couldn’t say anything! (If you know me at all, you’ll know that my silence was in itself, a feat of Herculean proportions.) But now that they’re here, I can talk about them to my heart’s content.

Product: Sagebooks Basic Chinese 500 Study Cards Sets 1-5 (閱讀練習卡(全套)/TRADITIONAL CHINESE

Price: $62.15USD + shipping

How to Purchase:  Sagebooks

Company: Sagebooks

Ages: 3+

Level: Beginner

Description: Laminated study cards for all 500 of the Sagebooks Basic Chinese 500 Curriculum (Traditional ONLY); Color coded same as each color coded series; each set comes in individual packet; Character on one side, pinyin and which lesson/series/set on the other side; 4″x 2.5″;

Sample Pictures:

And on the off-chance that you simply can’t get enough of me and want to see the unboxing video, here’s my unboxing video and initial review. (Oh, come on. You know you want to watch.)

5 Minute Review: Here’s the quick and dirty. Can you make your own flash cards? Of course. Can you buy other people’s versions? Of course.

But why?

As someone who did not have the option to buy these flashcards when I first started with Sagebooks 3-4 years ago, if I could have back then, I totally would have. As it was, I bought them from a friend and cut and laminated them myself. I love those cards and I don’t regret it. But it took a long time and of course, was more expensive because there’s something to be said for mass production.

The shipping is reasonable (and I think Sagebooks is taking a hit on the international shipping for now because they want to promote the cards so take advantage of this) and the packaging is solid. There was a LOT of bubble wrap.

The actual boxes holding the cards are very sturdy and thick. The cards themselves are well made, aesthetically pleasing, and practical. They’re big enough for small children’s hands and the writing is clear. The cards are not cluttered with too much information and are good for review or simple games.

What Else: On the Sagebooks Blog, I have written many posts that use flash cards and you can definitely use these cards in conjunction with these activities. I personally prefer activities and games to repeated flashing of cards, but that’s just me. (And truly, I prefer doing NOTHING because laziness is my default and we’re lucky enough to actually read the lessons on a semi-regular basis. If I weren’t writing these activity posts, my children would not be doing activities.)

If you’re the type to do flashcards and enjoy them and find them a necessary part of teaching your kids Chinese, I highly recommend buying the full set of 5. (Yes, you can buy them separately as Sets 1-2 and Sets 3-5 – but again, WHY?)

For your convenience, I have listed several of my more popular posts that use study cards either within the activity itself or can be used as a guide because I am, if anything, super helpful. (And I fully believe in self-promotion.)

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Don’t say I never did anything for you! Let me know if you like the cards in the comments.