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I was so excited about finally, FINALLY finishing Book 4.1 that it never occurred to me that we would run into the same problem with Book 4.2. I’m a bit annoyed but not annoyed enough to do anything more drastic like personally sit with Glow Worm (5) and go over Sagebooks.

We all make choices, friends. I didn’t say they were good choices.

I mean, I guess you don’t have to read the rest of this post, but if you don’t, you’ll never know exactly how LITTLE progress we made and thus, feel better about yourself.

I live to serve, friends.


We ended Winter Session Week 12 starting Book 4.2 and full of hope and promise. We did not end Spring Session Week 1 in the same vein. My hope was to finish Book 4.2 in two weeks, but you can sense where this is going.



Does this question really need to be asked? I know it’s my blog and my format so I can change it at any time, but seriously. I’m starting to resent this question.

We ended up around Lesson 4.2:9 so, no. We did not do it.


The first week was pretty good! I suppose I should be grateful, but it just makes the next week much more disappointing. The first week we were diligent in making Glow Worm go through Book 4.2 with his siblings but then in the second week, I don’t know what happened. But all desire to enforce learning disappeared.

I’ll be honest. That doesn’t just happen occasionally. It’s a perpetual feeling.

Sometimes, I don’t know that I’m cut out for homeschooling my children because it saps my will to live. Also, I have simultaneously low and high standards and the whiplash between my two selves is real.

Also, also? I’m really tired of my husband lowkey judging me. Like they’re also his children and he has opinions about their education or something?

Oh, that was quite the digression.


We really did make good progress but then I mistakenly gave Glow Worm the choice to Sagebooks or not and he’s not stupid. He of course did not.

One day, in desperation, he chose to do a Treasure Box book instead of the lessons.

I guess he at least chose Chinese? I think he’s also frustrated that I keep making him review because he’s not retaining the characters (but how can he if I’m not consistent?) so there’s that, too.

Alright. That’s it for this update. I hope I made you feel better about your life and choices. Let’s close out this post with a video of Glow Worm reading Treasure Box 3: 生日會.