How is December over? And 2017?

Every month and every year, I’m surprised when it’s over. It seems as if I’m always WAITING for the day to end and make it to the kids’ bedtime and I sneeze and now, THE YEAR IS OVER.

I don’t see this changing any time soon. In fact, I only foresee time to speed by faster. Except that hour before bedtime. That will likely crawl on forever.

Here’s how I did this month (and because I’m lazy efficient) and for 2017:

1) Take family and personal health seriously.

What does that look like? I want to:

a) Cook at least 5 meals a week.

Yes. Still slogging along. However, we have been eating out a lot lately because we have all been sick and it’s cold and there are so many excuses and I hate going to Costco around holidays because it’s crowded full of amateurs clogging the aisles and so we’ve been eating the dregs of our fridge and pantry because I just can’t make it out to Costco without wanting to bash everyone in front of me.


That seemed a bit much but we’ll run with it. Good news is, I’m all stocked up for the New Year (we have a party tonight) and should be ok for at least a week!

2017 Grade: A!! I rocked this one. I’m going to take it off next year because hopefully, since I’ve gone an entire year doing this, it is not a way of life and not a fad. WHOOOOOO!

b) Be active once a week.

I walked to and from preschool twice a week with Glow Worm (4) and Sasquatch (1). But we’ve been on break, so I guess it hasn’t been that much. But it’s been SO DAMN COLD and I have been shivering at times so that burns more calories, right?

2017 Grade: D. Other than a brief blip when I was in Taiwan and walking everywhere while hauling a 25lb baby on my person, I really don’t move much. I also don’t think I care. So, I’m just going to resign myself into acknowledging that I don’t find my personal fitness important and don’t care to change my mind.

c) Wash face and brush teeth twice daily.

Sigh. I’m seriously going to remove this from my goals list next year because it just makes me sad to see how badly I fail at this. Or rather, how badly I fail my teeth.

2017 Grade: D. I mean, I guess I get points for washing my face – but not that many. Next!

d) Take vitamins and supplements.

So, I finally filled my pill box (Amazon affiliate link), but I have not opened the little boxes. FAIL!!!!

OKOKOKOKOK. We will start this over and be good in 2018. Sigh. I really hate taking vitamins. But I think they do make me less cranky and perhaps I wouldn’t have been sick since Thanksgiving if there were nutrients in my body.

2017 Grade: C. I did ok this year. I was doing really solid for at least half the year and then, I stopped. I will regroup and do better for 2018.

e) Go to sleep when the kids sleep 4x a week.

I’ve been sick a lot so I have also gone to bed around 6:30pm a lot. What makes it truly sad is that I’m STILL exhausted when I wake up. I think because there is a really cute, fat baby sleeping next to me who uses me as a human pacifier.

2017 Grade: B. For the most part, I slept at a reasonable hour. I could improve, but I am pleased that in general, I took my sleep seriously.

f) No texting while driving.

YAY! I continued not sucking at this. I wasn’t perfect, but I was pretty good.

2017 Grade: B-. There were a few months were I just was terrible, but in general, I improved.

2) Take my responsibilities as a grown up seriously.

I think I did okay on this one. Although, now come to think of it, I have to do a lot of things and get claims in. DAMMIT.

2017 Grade: B. There were definitely times I procrastinated and made life difficult for myself. But overall, this year was far more adulting than 2016.

3) Write.

I was ok this month. I spent a lot of time thinking and getting knocked around by being sick. But I did write and I did pitch. And my article got published!

2017 Grade: A. I am really proud of myself this year for my writing and working and pitching and trying new things. I am REALLY proud. I will be expanding on this a lot next year and I am super excited for this next season.

Normally, I would say that there’s still time left in the rest of the year to get going on your resolutions. This time, it is not so.


The New Year is literally tomorrow. We can start over.

How did you do this month? This year? Are you happy with what you managed to get done? Disappointed? Re-inspired?

Let me know in the comments.