How is October over?

This month has been super stretching for me – lots of sucking it up, so to speak. Which is good. It hasn’t been comfortable and I haven’t slept enough this last week or two so I’ve been super cranky.

But I’m glad.

Too often, the last quarter of a year seems like a lame duck period for me. I’m looking forward to next year, trying to plan ahead and gear up for it. The year isn’t over yet but I kinda want it to be over because NEW THINGS!! SO EXCITING! It is so tempting to just let the next few months slide and start over in the bright and shiny new year.

This year, I’m going to end my year of Sucking it Up with a BANG.

So, what was I up to this month? Here’s how I did on my goals:

1) Take family and personal health seriously.

What does that look like? I want to:

a) Cook at least 5 meals a week.

Still plugging along as usual. Next year, I may have to expand my repertoire because I think my kids are getting bored. They look forward to the weekends because then they don’t have to eat what I cook.


However, I did introduce Cookie Monster to the over medium egg with a dash of soy sauce on it and he LOVES them. Gamera has always liked fried eggs but it’s a new thing for him. It reminds me of my childhood and my parents frying eggs for us on the occasional lazy weekend morning so I’m really pleased he enjoys them.

b) Be active once a week.

I am still walking Glow Worm to and from preschool at least once a week so I WHOOO! IN YOUR FACE, INACTIVITY!

c) Wash face and brush teeth twice daily.

I’m still pretty good about washing my face in the morning and slathering on the sunscreen but I am like, 1 in 5 on washing my face at night. I don’t want to talk about brushing teeth anymore.

d) Take vitamins and supplements.

Again, I am good about remembering 1 in 4 days? The problem is that I will remember a few days in a row, then forget. Mostly because all the days run into each other and I think I have taken them when I haven’t. I really should be like those old people and lay out the pills in a pill box so I can tell if I have.

Ok. I just bought one (Amazon affiliate link). So ridiculous. So necessary.

e) Go to sleep when the kids sleep 4x a week.

I did okay on this. These last two weeks, I had a few writing deadlines so I stayed up really late several nights in a row and it wrecked me.


I need to take my body seriously and become more efficient. Because I am no longer a young college co-ed. I’m a middle aged homeschooling SAHM of four.

f) No texting while driving.


2) Take my responsibilities as a grown up seriously.

I FINALLY cleared out (well, not entirely, but mostly) my laundry room. It was getting ridiculous. We could no longer even access the laundry machines and it was a bit dangerous.

Now, I have to sort out the last remaining big bag of crap, but in general, it is no longer a safety hazard. WHOOOOO!



3) Write.

I did really well on this again.

I finally finished a professional bio for a friend, wrote and submitted to a few sites, and several companies approached me to partner with them. I even pitched a few companies to partner with them.

So, when I say writing, I mean the BUSINESS of writing. And this month, I did a LOT on my business. I will have a separate, more involved post on this later, but in short, I hired Brandi Riley for her coaching services and she kicked my ass (and business) into a higher gear.

Because of her, I have already earned more in this month than I ever have, and have already recouped my cost of her coaching. Brandi is worth every penny and every minute and every second.

If you’re not sure about getting her one on one coaching and just want to check her out in action first, she runs a (affiliate link) Courage to Earn MORE Facebook group that has a few spots left for the months of November and December.

Brandi is the reason I am a few steps closer to my dreams of being internet famous.

Alright, that’s it for me this month. As usual, some there is an ebb and flow to my successes and failures. How did you do at the start of Q4?