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Daily Noodles

It’s funny how you can hear about a person through mutual friends for years but never actually meet them until later. I had heard about Andrea Chen and her company, Daily Noodles, off and on over the past few years because...

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Cantonese Language Facebook Groups

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, due to many readers asking for Cantonese specific Facebook groups, I did some research into the topic. Here are my tl;dr findings: 1) Canadians and UK residents are representing! US...

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For my friends who are trying to teach both Mandarin and Cantonese to their children, you no longer have to choose! (Not that you ever did.) Mandonese is an online forum (remember those?) that according to their site, is...

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Mandarin Immersion Facebook Groups

Like all things in my life, I pretty much get 80% of my information about Mandarin Immersion and Chinese language acquisition from Facebook. The cool thing is, since so many of my friends are also into Mandarin Immersion for our...

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Online Chinese Dictionaries

Here are some online Chinese dictionaries (and their phone apps if applicable): LINE Dictionary – Online Chinese dictionary provided by LINE, a phone messaging app. They feature a “Daily Expression” as well as...

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Although I first found out about YellowBridge due to their online Chinese dictionary, they seem to be much more than that. From my cursory explorations, YellowBridge aims to be a cultural bridge to English speakers and has...

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