So tomorrow school starts and all our plans are already unravelling. The school emailed at 4:30pm today (a Sunday) telling us Gamera and Omi, the middle daughter of my friend, Fleur, are only going to be starting at an hour a day and then ramping up from there. It all depended on how the girls took to school. I told the new director we were only here a month. The older kids are already going to school there. Plus, we have babies. We are not going to be doing this one hour a day crap because that is not convenient. And if we had known, we would have chosen another school. I also told her they shouldn’t have waited until the day before school to tell us. The time to tell us was when we registered 4-5 months ago.

I’m bringing my mom to chew them out tomorrow. The new director apologized and all I could bring myself to say was to thank her for her quick replies this afternoon.

On top of that, the door to Fleur’s room got locked and none of our keys work to open it. It’s been at least two hours with no response yet from the landlord so out of desperation and frustration, her husband tried to unlock the door with a paring knife and a butter knife. Needless to say, that didn’t work.

Thankfully, none of her kids were locked in there (otherwise her husband would have knocked the door down already) and the older girls had already bathed and gotten ready for bed. Since the older two kids are the same sizes as my kids, they’re covered for tomorrow and Fleur can borrow my clothes. I have a ton of diapers and extra onesies for her baby, too. I just feel so bad for her husband because after a hot, sticky day and carrying his kids around for six hours, he has no clean clothes and likely feels really gross.

I have to say that Fleur is taking this a lot better than I would be. I would be freaking out and reacting more on par with a three year old.

Here’s to adventures in a foreign country!