Today’s post is a quickie (TWSS!).

I have often gone to do the stereotypical self-care things like massages or pedicures or MNOs only to come back and be bombarded with stress all over again.

Here’s what I finally discovered. BONUS: they’re all free. (A quick summary after the video.)

Again, I am away from the computer and YouTube is hating my phone. So you’ll have to make do with my FB Live link. But I will update with the YouTube video soon!

1) Get enough sleep.

When I am tired and sleep-deprived, I am wretched. I snap at my kids, my annoyance threshold is at a minimum, and I yell at the slightest irritation.

When I have enough sleep, these things are no less aggravating, I just have more stamina and patience.

Sleep is KEY.

2) Get enough to eat.

I often forget to eat because I am lazy and hate eating with my children. Therefore, I put it off and by the time I remember, my stomach is ingesting itself and I am HANGRY already.

Then, of course, I yell and am irritable. I sound like a grumpy bear right before hibernation. There may be some truth to that comparison.

3) “Adult.”

Most of the reasons I am stressed is because I have not taken care of the things I am supposed to. Whether it’s paying a medical bill, writing a piece by deadline, or clearing off my kitchen table, a lot of my stress is caused by my lack of adulting.

It stands to reason if I stop procrastinating, I would be much happier.

Alright! That’s it for today. Hope these tips were of some use.