Since my children have been driving me crazy lately, I think it is a good moment to pause and bear witness to how they are also hilarious, sweet, and wonderful. It is incredibly difficult to hold their lovable selves in mind as I’m dealing with kids who are screaming their brains out because REASONS, but I really need to hold back the onslaught of mean things I say and just STFU and remember that they are small and will not always be this way.

So, in honor of Friday, here are some awesome things about my children, in no particular order:

1) Gamera gives high-fives with her feet.

2) Cookie Monster loves to tell jokes. He thinks giving “wrong” answers to questions is the most hilarious thing in the world – and his laughter is beautiful, like water. It seems as if everything he does is for comedic effect.

3) Glow Worm’s eyebrows are capable of having entire conversations.

4) Cookie Monster has been using the big toilet lately – and all by himself. It is awesome.

5) Cookie Monster defends and looks out for Glow WormGamera fiercely protects Cookie Monster. No one needs to look out for Gamera. She is a force to be reckoned with.

6) Some of my favorite scoldings from Gamera: “You don’t know what you talking about it!” or ” Don’t talk to my ear!” or “Slow down!” (accompanied by her squatting down with both hands forming a “stop” sign) or “No way!”

7) The look of pure glee when Gamera runs away from Cookie Monster as he is crying and screaming at her to give him back his toy.

8) Glow Worm crawls so fast! He wants to walk and be big so badly – but he can’t quite just yet.

9) Gamera and Cookie Monster play so well together. They really are best buddies and I LOVE it.

10) Cookie Monster loves to count and read numbers. He especially likes to count to 100.

11) Glow Worm makes the funnies noises since he can’t talk. He always sounds so skeptical. “Hm!”

12) Their laughs and giggles and shrieks of joy.

13) Cookie Monster and Gamera dancing. Whether they’re dancing like Pocoyo or SYTYCD, it is awesome.

14) Cookie Monster LOVES to play Candyland. Gamera likes to play, too. But she has no strategy. She just chooses the colors she likes best. (We play a variation where you choose two cards and you can decide which card you prefer.)

15) Cuddling and kissing and pretty much making out with my babies is a delight. All my slobber is good for their immune systems, right?

16) Gamera doesn’t run; she skips.

Alright. I do feel better. 🙂 Plus, looking at older pictures helps, too. I can’t believe they grow so fast! Anyhow, here’s to hoping I cling to these good things vs. holding onto the bad. I really do love my kids.