I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that my brain works in cycles. Lately, I haven’t felt as if I have much to say (or if I had anything to say, anything terribly interesting to say). I think part of it is that I’ve been busy filling my brain with books, shows, and friends. That leaves little time to ponder and think. Also, I’ve been frustrated at my kids, so how many posts of an aggravated SAHM can people read, right?

Anyhow, I don’t think I’ve got it in me for deep posts for awhile, so I’ll just toss out a few things that have flit across my preoccupied mind lately:

1) Thank God Cookie Monster is starting to look forward to haircuts. He still has to sit on my lap, facing me, but he is no longer standing, holding onto my leg for dear life, and screaming out his brains. Also, I don’t care if lollipops rot his teeth. If it helps him get through a haircut, ROT AWAY.

2) I am less than three weeks away from our five week long Taiwan trip. I am terrified. (More on this in some future post.)

3) Glow Worm is cleared for sun butter. 🙂 That is now officially something he can eat. I am greatly relieved.

4) It was my father’s birthday a few weeks ago. It made me briefly sad.

5) My brother, AD, is an awesome father. He wakes up early in the morning so he can hang out with my nephew, Doc, for an hour before he has to go to work. Then after work, AD will take Doc to the park for an hour or two, feed him dinner, give him a bath, and then finally, put him to sleep. Only then will my brother look at his phone and catch up on work.

6) When my brother talks about Doc, it is so evident that he is head over heels in love with his son. I remember AD telling me how Doc is awesome and that when we were little, our father totally missed out on us because we were awesome, too. I am so grateful that despite us having a really shitty father, AD is amazing.

7) The county fair starts tomorrow (Wednesday). Cookie Monster refused to go until I mentioned that he could have cotton candy. The rides, hot dogs, animals, and fire trucks weren’t incentive enough.

8) We watched some awesome dancing on my League of Extraordinary Dancing DVD and Cookie Monster and Gamera spent a bit dancing and trying to launch themselves into the air with their interpretation of breakdancing.

9) I can’t believe the school year is over. I can’t believe I’m thinking of homeschooling my kids. I am so glad that there is one more year of preschool left for Cookie Monster.

10) I am testing out a new skin care regimen. Because I am getting older and not doing anything was turning my face into sandpaper. It was all the more noticeable because I keep having babies and their skin is so soft. The comparison was depressing.

11) Sometimes, I’m not sure what we eat. Food is a blur and somehow, I have food. I wouldn’t call it nutritious. I would just say that I have somehow filled my belly.

12) I have been considering going shampooless and only using baking soda/water/vinegar. I’ve been considering this for at least three years. I keep procrastinating.

13) I hate that I’m turning more and more into a hippie. *sigh*

14) I keep debating whether to keep my hair short (as in a pixie cut) or grow it out. Especially since Taiwan is going to be horribly hot.

These are the deep and pithy thoughts that occupy my days, people. Look away. It is a sad sight to behold. Anyhow, I’m sleepy so I will end this brilliant post for now. What’s on your mind lately, people? Let me know in the comments.