Sagebook QuizletA/N: For more information and a basic background about Sagebooks, please refer to my previous posts or GuavaRama’s previous posts. This post is part of a mini-series on Sagebooks and might not make as much sense without context.

Since I’ve been posting so much about Sagebook lately, I thought it would benefit everyone who is using them (or thinking of using them) to include some tools to help support your children on the road to Chinese literacy.

Luckily for me, my friend, Sookie4, posted on the Raising Bilingual Children in Chinese & English Facebook group and she has given me permission to post it on my site.

Thank you, Sookie4!

I had nothing better to do on Saturday:), so I created the Sage Book 500 characters study sets on Quizlet.

The study set is only useful if you know zhuyin. My main reason for creating these study sets is for my 7yo to practice his zhuyin. There are no definitions and no pinyin. The games/learning applications on your computer vs. iPad vs. iPhone are all slightly different, so try them out and see which tool will be most useful to you. If your child is not use to using a trackpad or scrolling up and down and hitting the dial button exactly right, some of the tools can be frustrating.

I’ve added the treasure box characters in the last book of each set, i.e. 1-5, 2-5, 3-5, etc. Many of those extra characters are repeated multiple times.

I found Skritter is good for practicing writing and stroke order and Quizlet is good for reading/character recognition. Both tools are useful.

If you find any mistakes in my zhuyin or I inputted the wrong character from the book, please let me know what set and book.

I plan on creating study sets for Greenfield books, too. Those might not be as straight forward since I’m not sure which characters are covered in Sage and I don’t think I will create a spreadsheet and compare the 2 sets. If someone has already done that, please send me the info and I’ll be glad to enter exclusively Greenfield characters. Otherwise, I’ll just make my best guess.

You can click on the following link to automatically join the class:

Sagebook Quizlet Class

Since Sookie4 is planning to create a Greenfield character set as well, I will ask if I can post it on my blog when she does.

Today’s post is short and sweet. We can all thank my friend for that. It’s a rare thing for this blog. Happy Friday!