Welp. It’s the end of 2015 and you have now suffered through my Top Chinese Posts of 2015 as well as my Top Non-Chinese Posts of 2015. And as much as I enjoyed them, my most popular posts weren’t always the same as my personal favorites. Plus, you know you’re bored at home so you need stuff to read as you fart around the interwebz. Why not MY stuff?

Here then, are my Favorite Posts of 2015 in no particular order.

1) Longing for Grace – Deep down, I think we all yearn to be given absolution, to be given grace in abundance. My thoughts on how my lack of grace hurts both myself and my children.

2) The Terrible Fear in Tenderness – Wherein I share of my difficulty in being emotionally present (as well as vulnerable) with my family.

3) Policing Our Daughters’ Bodies – Even though this was in the Top 10 Non-Chinese Posts of 2015, I think it bears re-posting. I want to convey that policing our daughter’s bodies, as protecting as it seems, just reinforces the lie that the problem is with our daughter’s bodies and not the men and women who choose to violate them.

4) We Are Not Things – Not enough people saw this post and I want to shout it to everyone and everything. We are not things. Also, it is a gushy love letter to Mad Max: Fury Road.

5) Realistic Expectations for Learning Chinese – This post was in the Top 10 Chinese Posts of 2015 but I love it because I am a combination of helpful and mean (I mean, “honest.”) Because seriously, folks have some completely delusional beliefs and there is nothing I like better than pointing them out.

6) How to Gauge Chinese Fluency – This was also in the Top 10 Chinese Posts of 2015 and I love it for the same reason I loved the previous post. Because White Sense of Fluency is a real thing and it really pisses me off.

7) Sacking Up – Wherein I educate my readers on the origin of “Sack up” as well as go off-topic with random musings.

If you are a super-dedicated reader, likely you have already read these posts. I thank you for your loyalty and patronage! And also, if you also liked them, feel free to share on Facebook with your friends. After all, they might be bored, too. And you have the cure for their boredom. What a hero you are! A legend in the making!

Oh, and um, Happy New Year. See you all on the other side!