Well, it’s both the Monday after a holiday as well as a Monday of a holiday week so my guess is either you’re at work with very little to do, or at home with a ton to do but you want to procrastinate. Thank goodness, I live to serve. Here, for your procrastinatey endeavors, are my Top 10 Non-Chinese Posts of 2015.

1) Accepting Mediocrity – What do you do when you started out high-achieving but then you got burned out and are now stuck somewhere you never thought you’d be: Mediocrity?

2) Policing Our Daughters’ Bodies – “Policing our daughter’s bodies, as protecting as it seems, just reinforces the lie that the problem is with our daughter’s bodies and not the men and women who choose to violate them.”

3) That Time I Got “Ching Chang Chonged” at Mini Golf with My Kids – The last time someone hurled “ching chang chong” at me, I was in elementary school. Thirty years later, I can say that is no longer the case.

4) Just Another Reminder that I Don’t Belong – “What does it say about this woman that she has so little exposure to Asians that she thinks everyone is foreign born? And doesn’t see anything wrong with that assumption?”

5) Shiny, Delicate, Lovely Things – Even though my friend’s jewelry shop is no longer running my promotional code, you should STILL check out her gorgeous pieces (and of course, BUY THEM).

6) Being Invisible – Is my super hero power being invisible? If so, I want a new one, please.

7) My Parenting Secret: Mediocrity – What’s my parenting secret? Apparently, it’s doing the bare minimum to keep the children alive.

8) When Did I Cease to be a Person? – “A few weeks ago, Dr. T asked me to think about what would nurture me as a person. I had no idea what she was talking about.”

9) Goldilocks Syndrome, Church, and Lazy Thinking – “I’m so tired of the church being silent and irrelevant on things that matter to me. Yeah, yeah. My eternal soul matters. But my life here and now matters, too.”

10) Kondo-ing My Life – “Is what I am doing bringing me joy? If not, then don’t do it. Only do the things that bring you joy.”

Alright, that’s it. Now get back to work. (Or other areas of the interwebs.) Happy Monday!