Before you freak out that I’m about to post another TMI pregnancy post, it’s a metaphor, see? (Although, it being a metaphor doesn’t necessarily preclude me from TMI sharing. But I think I did enough of that on Monday.)

Anyhow, a lot of what has been occupying my mind is working on my So You Want Your Kid to Learn Chinese ebook. After my conversation with my friend about blogging and business, a fire was lit under me.

I suddenly had a burning desire to finish my ebook before Baby4 made their eventual egress.

So, I took several days off of homeschooling and just had my kids play in the background and I ignored them and I plowed through a LOT of my book. I decided I was going to attack the low-hanging fruit first and then start on the harder parts of rewriting certain pieces as well creating new pieces out of whole cloth.

I was on a good clip and got about 90% of what I need done. Now, of course, I have ground to a halt.

Why? Because who likes to do hard or tedious things? (Although, to be fair, I did tackle a few harder pieces already. Only 2-3 are left.)

So, I’ve done most of the work and now, true to form, I have slacked off. I started reading books. I rested. I watched movies (which if you know me at all, is rare and few and far between).

I even (looks around) homeschooled my children.

Truly, procrastination is in full swing.

I have lots of good reasons to stop and take a break. And I don’t even necessarily think stopping for a break has been a bad thing.

But I do know myself. If I allow this break to stretch even longer, I will never get this perfectly doable book done and I will be TERRIBLY disappointed.

In fact, I really didn’t want to mention anything publicly about compiling this ebook because of my fear of failure. Who wants to announce working on something that I might punk out in the end? Who wants that in people’s working memory?

Truthfully, nothing bad will happen if I don’t finish the ebook. It is not monumental in terms of the world, my life, or my relationship with people.

However, I really want this to happen.

So, here we go.

I’m going to make this happen, friends.

Even if I’m distracted by pretty, gritty, stubbly mens on the internetz. Or fat baby pics. Or life.

I’m getting this done by Induction Wednesday.

Alright. Short post today. It’s rare so enjoy this unicorn for what it is. Happy Wednesday!