I know lately I’ve been Debbie Downer and I do apologize for it. What has been a lifesaver for me during this time are playdates. I LOVE playdates. Even a lackluster one can restore my sanity and provide breathing room. My favorite playdates, however, usually happen at my house. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy park dates or museums, or activities. But you just can’t beat going to someone’s house or staying at home and having people come over.

Here then, are some of my reasons why I prefer playdates at my house, above all others.

1) It forces me to tidy the house. Otherwise, we would never see my kitchen table. Ever. How does it get filled with stuff almost immediately after? I don’t know.

2) I don’t have to go anywhere but something still happens. Glow Worm can nap and our day will be easy going yet still social.

3) My kids learn to share their toys. Of course, they can still be selfish little punks, but I would say they are better sharers than average. Especially Cookie Monster.

4) Inevitably, someone’s kid pulls out all the toys that usually are stuck in the back of a cabinet and my kids discover their old toys and re-enjoy them for a full day. It’s lovely. Makes me feel as if I didn’t waste all my money.

5) You can get your chores done while other people are occupying your children for you. (Whether those other people are children or adults, who cares? The point is, you end up getting things done.) I get dishes washed, laundry washed, random crap put away, and pantry items eaten. Awesome.

6) When I have the kids clean up their toys after the inevitable maelstrom, they learn that even if they didn’t make the mess, we still pitch in to help. Whenever Cookie Monster complains that he wasn’t the one playing with his toys, I tell him I clean up after him all the time and I certainly did not make the mess. Then if he still objects, I send him to his room because it makes me unreasonably mad. He usually ends up cleaning. He’s a very good cleaner-upper.

7) I just really enjoy having regular scheduled play. And if it’s easier for people just to come to the same house every week, it might as well be my house (for all the above reasons). Plus, sometimes, we have potlucks and that makes every thing more awesome. 😀

That’s it. (What? You were expecting more reasons? You’re lucky I came up with as many reasons I did! My brain is worthless lately.)

Ok, your turn. What are you favorite types of playdates?