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Chineasy Tiles: 5 Minute Review

All of my kids loved the Chineasy Tiles. I can easily see this game being played with a Chinese tutor, a Chinese Immersion classroom, or family members – even family members who don’t know any Chinese. **I received a...

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糖果姐姐說故事: CD Review

Title:  糖果姐姐說故事 Set 1 (tang2 guo3 jie3 jie5 shuo gu4 shi4)/Candy Sister Telling Stories Publisher: Christian Cosmic Light Holistic Care Level: Children Includes: 16 CDs, 48 stories, no book Summary: This first...

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Miao Mi TV

** Compensation for this post was provided on behalf of Miao Mi TV. A free code was also provided so I could review the app. Opinions expressed here are my own.  People always say we should have our kids watch and listen to...

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好聽啟蒙故事 CD Review

Title: 好聽啟蒙故事 (hao3 ting qi3 meng2 gu4 shi4)/The Best of Enlightenment Stories Producer: 台欣 (Tai Shin) Level: Non-Fiction, Fiction, Fairy Tales, Summary: 10 CD collection of bedtime stories; CDs 1-5 are...

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