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When I was younger, I naively thought money didn’t matter. It certainly wasn’t the key to happiness. What I didn’t realize was that though money didn’t guarantee happiness, not having enough money to...

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How to Pay for College

Author’s Note: Today’s guest post is by my college buddy, JT, from the blog, Just Making Cents. Since I just had a baby, JT was kind enough to step in and write a post for my blog – and it...

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Brazn Azn Ep 02: Full-Body Cringe and the Brazenness of Self-Promo

In this episode, the Brazn Azn podcast delves into the complexities of self-promotion, identity struggles, and creative aspirations. Virginia shares her journey promoting her novel “Illusive,” which is set in the K-pop industry. The conversation touches on themes of trauma, recovery, representation, and the challenges of art promotion within and beyond one’s community. Additionally, internal conflicts of pursuing writing over traditional family activities are explored, emphasizing the desire to inspire others.

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